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Today is the Day !

Please text/call 336-963-2010 to confirm your pick up time the morning of your appointment

 You will need to bring your puppy something comfortable to travel in

Final Payment will need to be made in cash (receipt provided)

 *Paypal (

*Cash App ($devotedk9s)

** Be prepared to pay a fee of  3%  for the convenience of using these methods **

***(We do not accept checks as final payment)***

* Pick up Address *

We will be meeting you in a public location for the safety of both parties

I will send you the address close to pick up day.

* Our Guarantee *

Your puppy has been seen by a licensed veterinarian and has been deemed a healthy puppy

Please take your pup to your vet within three business days of receiving him/her.

If at that time if your puppy is found to have any life threatening complications such as...


* Heart disorder- Tricuspid valve Dysplasia 

* Musculoskeletal Disorders

*Nervous System Disorders


*Degeneritive Myopathy 


  Your puppy will be replaced when available with puppy of your choice.

same breed, sex and price.

* Common Breed Issues are not covered such as...*



 *Stenotic Nares (pinched sinuses)

*Eye Infections



*Hip Dysplasia

*Stenotic Nares (pinched sinuses)

These conditions are not cause for refund****

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