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~Tips you might find helpful~


  Having your puppy on an routine is very important. This helps them with potty training, eating schedule, play schedule, and sleep schedule. Staying disciplined and sticking to the routine will pay off for a lifetime.

~Potty training~

   It is helpful to have a designated spot, one command, and special treat for potty time only.

Best times to go out:

Before & After being crated, playtime, and meals. Every 2 hours offer potty time

~Feeding schedule ~

 *Feed 1/2 cup in the morning 

 *Feed  1/2 cup in the afternoon 

Having clean water is very important for your puppy. Taking up the water at 7 pm will help to avoid night time accidents 

~ Play Time with the Kids~

   My suggestion would be during the first couple of weeks allow 30 to 45 minutes of play time then one hour in the crate to create a sense of safety and calm to rest. Never use the crate as punishment, its should always be treated as your puppy's quiet resting place. It is also very beneficial for an adult, not child, to be the designated person to take the puppy out of their resting area.

~ Bathing~

  Select a  shampoo that is gentle and only bathe your puppy when needed. Do not bathe your  puppy too much because they will acquire dry skin and scratch. You can wipe their feet and their face with a warm wash cloth when needed 

Avoid getting ears wet

 Also Keep your puppy's hair trimmed from their eyes and bottom. This is not only for good hygiene but for the health of your pup.

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